At Islington Arts & Media School we are committed to communitcating with our parents reguarly and comprehensively; we have two electronic means of communication to ensure information reaches you in a timely manner, but of course we always telephone and have plenty of opportunities throughout the year for conversation.

System one : PARENT MAIL

Parents receive communications from school mainly via an email system,

  • Parents evenings
  • Trips
  • Notices for your year group
  • Notice of bad weather closures
  • Revision sessions for your child….and so much more

Parents are also able to pay for uniform and events electronically using the system at home or on the go via an iphone app.

Every parent is issued with a personal code, for the following website to get started.

If you have lost your registration code, please use the contact button on our website and send a message to the school office.

Once you have registered please log on to for all futher transactions.


‘My Child At School’ is an online portal for parents that enables you to view your child’s performance at school in real-time via the web. The facility allows the child’s attendance, grades and behaviour to all be accessed whenever you want (providing there is a connection to the internet) at

As well as student performance data, the portal also allows you to check and correct any information about your child (after approval by the school).

You no longer need to wait for termly reports to obtain information about your child as you can check 24 hours a day for up-to-date information.

All parents/ carers have been sent a username and password. If you are having difficulty accessing your child’s details, please email Mr. Wheetman for further assistance.




The latest E-Bulletin has just been added - Click here.          We also have the elections for the new Parent Governor this week. Click here.